A few months ago, Industry Dive started an initiative to create stronger, more memorable brands for our newsletters. Over the years, our product offering had scaled up to include different types of newsletters, but the design failed to scale with it. Now, we needed to leverage design to ensure readers would not be confused or grow fatigued with the launch of new newsletters. By differentiating each newsletter to clarify its unique value, we hoped to reduce churn and boost engagement.

We focused on our two primary newsletter offerings:

  1. High-level, industry-wide newsletters that include a daily newsletter and weekend roundup of the most read news.
  2. Specific, topic-based newsletters that include various daily and weekly newsletters with accompanying weekend roundups.

The newsletters before the rebranding. The newsletter offerings before the rebranding.

The product design team kicked off the process with a competitive analysis to better understand how other publishers communicate the value of their newsletters. Four key newsletter-naming themes emerged:

  1. Purpose - Why the newsletter is valuable
  2. Content - What the newsletter covers
  3. Frequency - How often the newsletter is sent
  4. Setting - When the newsletter is sent

To determine how we could apply those themes to our own newsletters, I facilitated a newsletter naming workshop with stakeholders. The results of the workshop were four new naming conventions for our core newsletters that better established each newsletter as a unique product offering.

The new naming conventions were then highlighted using two new clean, simple newsletter designs.

The newsletters after the rebranding. The newsletter offerings after the rebranding.

High-level, industry-wide newsletters

The daily newsletters became the Daily Dive and the weekend roundup became the Weekender.

  • The Daily Dive took a clean and straightforward approach to heighten brand recognition as our flagship newsletter across all of our publications. Because the name did not describe the content, we positioned the logo front and center to signal the publication in case readers were subscribed to multiple Daily Dives. A description was added to call back to its primary audience.
  • The Weekender mimicked the Daily Dive in structure and included a description that clearly stated its unique value as a roundup of the most read news to readers. Visually, the design was inverted to create a clear contrast between it and the Daily Dive.

Specific, topic-based newsletters

The topic was introduced to the new names. (e.g. Talent Daily and Talent Weekender)

  • To visually differentiate the topic-based newsletters, we kept the black bar from our original newsletter design. Dive red was then used to highlight the topic in the newsletter naming convention - the primary reason we believed readers had subscribed.
  • The topic-based Weekender combined the design of the topic-based newsletter and weekender to visually connect the purpose of the weekender while still highlighting its content.

With the design approved by all stakeholders, it was all hands on deck to launch our new newsletter branding!