We are the award-winning design department at Industry Dive. We help 11 million business leaders navigate their industry and hundreds of advertising clients achieve their marketing goals.

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Meet The Team

Anne Callahan

Graphic Designer

Diego Camargo

Graphic Designer

Christina Chiang

Product Designer

Kendall Davis

Art Director, studioID Design

Chelsea Ennis

Creative Director, studioID Design

Natalie Forman

Product Design Director

Amber Gray

Design Operations Manager

Yujin Kim

Senior Graphic Designer

Adeline Kon


Farah Lopez

Product Designer

Kati Mazza

Design Project Manager

Taylor McKnight

VP of Design

Marwa Nabi

Front-end Designer

Michelle Rock

Director of Brand & Marketing Design

Danielle Ternes

Graphic Designer

Sarah Tollin

Graphic Designer

Brian Tucker

Senior Graphic Designer

William Walker

Visual Designer

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